Choosing the Right Life Insurance company

The Life Insurance Company we choose when dealing with our Life Insurance clients will give us the best chance of securing their Life Insurance policy under a “preferred” premium or lowest premium for the Life Insurance coverage applied for your insurance planning. Some Life Insurance companies are more competitive than others on age, avocation and health status.

When choosing a 10 or 20 Year Life Insurance that has a Renewable and Convertible term several components must be present:

a)    Initial Life Insurance premiums must be competitive.

b)    Renewal Life Insurance premiums have to be competitive when looking at the marketplace.

c)    Chosen Life Insurance carrier must have a competitive product portfolio for conversion to Term to 100, Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance.

Universal Life Insurance contracts need to have a competitive basic cost of insurance and appropriate investment choices inside the policy for you to meet your desired investment strategy.

Whole Life Insurance products have to be chosen from a Life Insurance carrier that has a proven and solid dividend performance.