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Group Benefits

We have done extensive research to find an advisor and firm that will best serve the needs of our client, in the same way, that we do.

Alice Bejancu and her firm Ingenious Insurance were carefully chosen to serve our clients with amazing results.

Client Commitment:

                Always serve clients’ best interests

                Share expertise to benefit clients

                Save premium dollars

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Q - If I do not get a favourable option from one company, what, if anything, can be done?

A - We represent numerous leading insurance companies, each with their own perspective when evaluating applications.

We applied for a $3million face value policy for a client and 3 insurance companies gave us 3 different offers:

Company A: Declined the Application

Company B: Made an offer with a 200% extra premium

Company C: Made an offer with the applied premium

In a number of instances, we have had 2 insurers refuse to offer coverage to a client, and a third company makes an offer.


Q - If one company declines me coverage or give me a modified contract, will every company do the same?

A - Over the years we hear things like “an agent told me if company A does not give me coverage, no one will.” Most of the time this is false. In one case, we secured a $5million policy for a client whose doctor told him he would never get insured due to his weight


Q - When should I apply for Critical Illness Insurance?

A - As early as you can. The probability of developing a critical illness increases with age, which means an increase in premiums. Getting insured as soon as possible means a more affordable premium and a better chance of getting insured.


Q - Why should I get disability insurance?

A - In the case of an injury or illness that prevents you from working, disability insurance ensures that you can still earn a paycheck and protect your loved one. You insure your car and your house which are two of your most valuable assets… why wouldn’t you insure your income.